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About us - Luxury Boat Rental Montreal Absolü 80

Absolu Cruises is a Montreal based family business that distinguishes itself with the unique concept of its Yacht, the Absolu 80.

In 2005, in order to meet the growing demand for a private yacht with a commercial certification in the Montreal region, our team decided to custom build a ship that would be of just the right size to accommodate high end private parties, corporate meetings or to allow family and friends to spend a few days of vacation on the region's water ways.

In operation since 2011, our private yacht exceeds all expectations with its privacy, luxurious interior, the flexibility of its schedule and the services granted to each of our guests.

Our mission is to allow you to escape the hectic pace of life in a luxurious setting and enable you to relax, if only for a few hours.

We invite you to come, discover and appreciate the Absolu 80, docked in the Old Port of Montreal.

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