Absolu Cruises retains the services of the best catering firms accredited by the Quebec Association of Caterers, whose know how and creative culinary skill will please your taste buds. We offer customized packages along with complete service which will bring you peace of mind. The Yacht is equipped with a full kitchen to meet any culinary needs.

Bar Service

In a warm and laid back atmosphere, our bar offers a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails that will please you from the first glass to last call. Custom requests of particular wines can also be accommodated.

Audio-Visual & Multimedia Equipment

The Absolu 80 is well equipped with 2 screens of 65', an excellent sound system, a laptop with DVD player, and a wireless microphone. We will do our best and work with you to accommodate any requests for specific equipment.

DJ & Entertainment

The yacht offers a dance floor and a large variety of music to liven up your evenings. Whether you want to use our music database or your own, hire a DJ, musician or magician, we will be happy to help you plan entertainment for your guests.

Decor & Ambiance

Since the decor and atmosphere play a significant role in the success of any event, we offer you the opportunity to decorate the Yacht as you see fit. Our team will help you to choose a theme and decorations to achieve the desired ambiance.

Photo Shots

From romantic to sailing away, a couple’s portrait can be as distinctive as your relationship is and why not on a scenic boat. Using a collaborate process, to guides couples through a series of poses to capture the charm of each couple. Trust our photographers to set the perfect stage

We’ve got tips and advice for developing poses that can bring joy and happiness. How’s that for some happy news?

Samba Dancers

Tropical and Brazilian dancing has been a crowd favorite for decades. Performing Samba dance styles, accompanied by music, our dancers will excite your guests with their elaborate and colorful costumes and put them in that dancing mood.

For us, every client and every event is unique and has specific requirements


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